Vedic Astrology is a sister science to Yoga. 

It reveals your purpose as a soul on this Earth: 

your challenges, strengths, and what you are here to learn.

It offers precise guidance on your health, finances, relationships, career...

But most importantly,

it reveals your essence as a soul on a journey of evolution

and how you can best harness your gifts and overcome challenges.

To book your reading, please make your payment
and fill out the contact form below. 

Once you book your reading,

you will hear from me within 24 hours to schedule.

Individual reading:  $150

Relationship reading: $225**

Readings are conducted via livestream using

Zoom Meeting platform.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Your session will be recorded and sent to you.

**Relationship Readings:


Relationships are our greatest field of learning and evolution in life.

Get clear about your relationship tendencies, your partner's tendencies, and how you can find more fulfillment and understanding in your relationship.


As you gain clarity about your gifts and challenges, a whole new level of connection is available to you.